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Megri Digitizing Blog For Embroidery Digitizing & Vector Conversions

One stop embroidery digitizing blog for embroidery bloggers and well as new comers giving guide and tips on embroidery digitizing work and vector art conversions. Wonderful write up by MegriDigitizing

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Fancy And Artistic Embroidery Designs 2020

Embroidery designs are a fantastic way to implement your creativity in the project. Embroidery is an extremely appealing art and has a wider scope for a creative person. Fo

Different Types Of Embroidery Machines & Digitizing Software

Well like everything even in embroidery business offering custom embroidery digitizing services, we have different types of machines which are used for making embroidered l

Why To Outsource Your Embroidery Digitizing?

The first question which comes to mind is why not do your own embroidery digitizing yourself, after all embroidery is an art and each person has their own creative style. W

Simple Ideas To Create Unique Embroidery Designs For Kids

Embroidery is a technique used to decorate clothes, frames or any other materials with the help of thread and needle. Embroidery designs are great tools for making your own

Is Digitizing An Art Or Technical Skill?

Is embroidery digitizing an art or technical skill? We for some one who has been doing this since last 12 years I think it is a mix of both. Now the question which arises i

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